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Spring and Easter Vignette

Who is ready for spring?? I know I am! I do not have my Spring/Easter decorations up yet but I wanted to give you all some great ideas in case you wanted to start your decorating.

So what's a vignette? A vignette is a group of objects that are placed together to create a pleasing focal point.

One nice thing about vignettes is that they allow you to decorate for a holiday or season without having to decorate your whole house. It is easier and more cost effective to decorate a small area so this is something anyone could do.

A great place for a vignette is on your dining room table, kitchen countertop, an entryway stand or bench, coffee table or bookshelf, these are all great places to create a display or vignette.

What items are used to create a vignette?  You can use just about anything to create a vignette but some of the items I like to use are large baskets, trays, or tiered trays, a cloche, you can even use large bowls and platers.

Next gather items around that feel like Spring and Easter. You can even use items from outside like branches, flowers, bird nests etc. It is always nice to have some natural elements in your grouping.

Above I used a large basket and wrapped a white berry garland around the bunny in the center placed a few lavender picks and some colored eggs, placed it on the end of a bench in the entryway with a chalkboard sign to welcome guests.

I love using my antique style balance scale to create different vignettes for every season.   Here I simply added some fern stems to each side placed a bunny in the greenery along with a pick or two of baby's breath, added a cute little bunny crossing sign to the top and leaned our Carrot Patch Sign behind it.

This adorable little display I pulled form Pinterest to show you a vignette created with a cloche.  It's always  more eye pleasing to build hight when using a cloche, it gives the display a little more character.  As you can see by adding some green moss at the base a little grapevine bundle with a small pot and bunny and you have the perfect Spring/ Easter vignette to sit atop a table or shelf.

Below are some examples just to give you some different ideas!

Happy Decorating